Bruce D Harrison ... Commercial Travelling Australia, New Zealand, Chatham Islands, Melanisia, and Micronesia.

For 45 years  I have been a Commercial Traveller. Customer focused and service orientated. They call me 'brucey'.

'They were replaced either by commercial travellers representing a single firm, with catalogues and samples, or by local, casual pedlars, who were scarcely distinguishable from vagrants.’

'He is a salesman, out on the roads, what they used to call a commercial traveller.’


Big Brute

Nothing beats a Big Brute. Over 250 Big Brute Customers cant be wrong.  See website


The most respected grain equipment supply firm in the USA.. 


Proximity sensors, motion detection, ultra sonic, moisture balance analyses. Hawk Accoustic.  Speed and alignment sensors

Manufacturers' Representation

Servicing your customers nationwide. Building your customer base here in New Zealand


Silos, mineral dispensors, augers, drop tubes, intake pits, aeration


Reasonable fees. Project visualisation, Project management, Project restarts.

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