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One of the commonly requested boards is for our AC21 aeration logging aeration controller This complete aeration control system pre-wired in a powder coated, weatherproof steel enclosure, ready for your local electrician to connect. We provide earth leakage protection as well as all necessary contacts and relays. Because of poor power supply in many regional areas we frequently wire the system to stagger start the aeration fans to avoid overloading the system on startup. The Agridry AC21 Logging Aeration Controller is designed for use in grain storage applications where grain is required to be kept for a period of time. It chooses the best available conditions to cool grain using natural ambient air. To do this, the controller uses a ‘Time Pro-portioning’ method perfected by the CSIRO. The cooling performance of the AC21 controller is maximized through the use of wet bulb temperature sensing, which enables the controller to choose the coolest driest air.

Aeration Controllers

Aeration units are an effective solution to cool grain and slow the deterioration of grains.  It allows for the following processes to take place:

  • Maintenance of germination and seed vigour when grain is stored in a cool dry environment.
  • Mould development is slowed when grain moisture is uniform
  • Pulse grains maintain grain colour and mould risk is reduced.
  • Oilseed quality can be maintained
  • Aeration in grain storage can slow or stop pest life cycle.
  • Ability to harvest early and reduce the risk of weather damage that can cause yield loss
  • Storage of grain at moisture levels above receival standards until blended with dryer grain

Maintains moisture retention safely for short periods prior to drying or blending






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