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Dicky John New Mini GAC2500

Tech-savy temperatures, test weights and more! 

Introducing the NEW Mini GAC2500

The new Mini GAC2500 matches existing meter readings, but it is completely portable AND Bluetooth enabled! Simply add the free app to your mobile device and test results are transmitted there. The app allows you to record moisture, temperature, test weight, sample ID, date and time.

For farmers who have adapted precision farming into your operations, you can reliably and accurately pull moisture data from the mini GAC2500. This will allow you to use data from the mini to create accurate field maps, increase the accuracy of yield maps and track moisture field-by-field, year-over-year to evaluate moisture trends and field conditions. The Mini GAC2500 will provide continuity from the field to the elevator by providing consistent results. 

Mini GAC2500 now offers 149 MHz - UGMA technology to match both the GAC2500UGMA used by commercial elevators and the GAC2500AGRI for farmers that are conditioning their own grain and need the accuracy of a commercial meter at an affordable price.


Agent for Seedburo Equipment Company

Seedburo has been trading for 100 years as a manufacturer and distributor of handling, testing, and grading equipment for the grain, feed, and seed industries.

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